Why I like the SAJE shearing machine...

​​"Being a Supermarket Manager, I have learned to keep one eye focused on the bottom line. The same applies to the  Christmas tree business. I calculated the Saje to return my investment in approximately 10 days, the rest was gravy. I now have three Saje shearing machines and have much more time to concentrate on other aspects of my business and social life."

                                                                                        Mr. Delbert Arnold, Marysville, PA


Hi my name is Larry Haley, I am the owner of Holly Berry Hills Christmas tree Farm in Saucier, MS.  In 2007 I purchased a SAJE Christmas tree trimmer from Charlie Dabbs of Dabbs Christmas Tree Farm. He told me it was old but worked very well. I noticed on the engine a date of 1986, that's when he purchased the SAJE.  I also purchased an additional SAJE from another farmer in the area, it was a 1989 model.  I use both of these machines on my farm every year and have not had any trouble with them other than regular maintenance. I don’t believe these things ever wear out. I would recommend this machine to anyone needing a shearing machine for Christmas trees.  I believe this is the best and the quickest machine I have ever used to trim Christmas trees, (caution it may outlast you though) 
Larry Haley


We have been using SAJE Christmas Tree trimmers since the early 1980's. Prior to that time we were using pruning knives. My children were all going away to college and with them went my best pruners. I looked at rotary trimmers, a Yule Trimmer, and the Saje before deciding. I tried out a SAJE at an association field day and thought I can so this. Now more than 30 years later I'm still  using the SAJE. In the early years I could shear over 900 six foot trees a day, now at age 72 a good day is 500 to 600. When servided properly they are almost maintenance free, in fact I still have and occasionally use the first SAJE bought in the early '80's. Please feel free to contact me at 318-366-3575.

Curry Farms, Inc.

Bentley Curry

Rayville, LA.