Question 2

Is the machine heavy?

The weight of the HS-596 with a 96" blade is 38 lbs. "Heavy" is a personal opinion. Many owners say that it feels similar to a backpack sprayer. The Saje design distributes weight to the body's largest muscle groups, primarily the leg muscles. The arms carry no weight!

Question 1

How many trees will it shear in a day?

Once you gain operating proficiency (1 to 3 hours) and your body is conditioned (4 to 5 operating days) you should average 2,000 to 2,800 trees per day. 

Question 3

What breaks down?

Although mechanical failures have been few, the most common malfunction (which represents a small percentage of operating Sajes) has been the $50 flexible drive shaft core. This is due to the operators running their Sajes at much faster RPM than necessary. A slower blade speed produces a cleaner cut.

Question 4

​Is there a warranty?

Yes, The Saje shear engine, reduction gear, other parts and  workmanship are warranted for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 5

​Where do I get parts & service?

​In the event you encounter a problem, contact us to guide you to a solution. Parts are shipped immediately. In addition, the motor and gearbox have proven track records for durability and dependability.