If your trees are predominantly 6' and under, a 72" blade is for you. New growers typically start with a 72" blade; two years later they acquire a 96" blade and easily interchange them. Larger growers commonly purchase two Saje shearing machines, one with a 72" blade and one with a 96" blade.

HS-596: SAJE™ 96" Shearing Machine

SAJE® Shearing Equipment

HS-TSM: Topper Shearing Machine

On the other hand, if shearing 8' to 12' tall trees, order the Topper and the 96" Saje models.

  • Harness adjusts to your body's shape and contour
  • More padding in the right places for your shearing comfort
  • This aluminum backpack weighs much less than the original steel version
  • Designed to distribute weight over your hips not across

BP-100: SAJE™ "Custom Fit" Backpack - 3 lbs

However, if your trees range up to 8', order the 96" blade (4 lb. weight difference between the 72" & 96" blade).

  • 2' bolt on blade extension fit.s most SAJE blades (HE2; HE2A; HS500 Models)
  • Wide & Long teeth allow faster and crisper shearing!
  • Continuous blade length yields a quality cut with consistency
  • Double reciprocating, self sharpening (HS-524, 2' Bolt on Blade Extension, 2lbs.)

HS-524: 2' Bolt-on Blade Extension

HS-572: SAJE™ 72" Shearing Machine